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  • Vacant apartment dust wipe testing protocol to "turnover" requirements of NY Local Law 1


  • Lead dust wipe testing required for HPD dismissal requests.


  • Dust wipe testing for post abatement clearance regarding HPD and DOH violations.


  • Lead dust wipe testing for landlords insurance policy coverage.


  • Paint chip sampling for inconclusive XRF testing results.


  • Lead dust wipe clearance for non-violation construction [ remediation ]


  • Most affordable XRF testing for presumed lead paint violations.

  • XRF analyisis for concerned owners to determine the presence of lead-based paint in their home.


  • We provide lead, mold and asbestos abatement services to remove all hazards that are present and to insure the safety for all our clients.


  • We will get you the most cost effective abatement quote to perform these vigorous construction services. Any project regarding lead based paint must be completed by an EPA lead-safe certified contractor & company. Each worker should be trained and certified by EPA standards as well as the on-site supervisor.


  • If you compare Lead Clearance Inc. abatement prices to any other competitors, you will then see the most fair and reasonable pricing in the environmental industry. Not only are our prices affordable and fair but the quality of work and craftsmenship is second to none. Call now for a quote.

  • Lead Clearance Inc. is a consultation firm that is dedicated to assisting property owners resolve their violations and reduce any further penalties.


  • Instead of paying high attorney fees to represent you at the Environmental Control Board, we can fight your violations and consult with you on how to clear them with the Buildings Department.


  • We will file all required documents with the Department of Buildings, obtain required permits and file certificate of corrections as required.  We will advise you with the best possible way to cure your violations in a timely and cost effective matter.


  • Missing your cure date or hearing date may result in a default status and additional penalties can be imposed.


  • Let us help you resolve your violation status, avoid or reduce penalties, meet your cure date and/or get you prepared for your hearing.

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